Monday, March 8, 2010

Dairying a Year-around Job

 Dairy farming does require the constant attention of the owner or employees; but there are advantages as well as disadvantages to this situation. A bricklayer working one-half the year will seldom accumulate much property; neither will the farmer whose productive labor is confined to a few months out of the year, as is the case when a single crop is grown for market. In the long run, the farmer, as well" as the mechanic, who has work and who works throughout the year, at reasonable wages, will prosper the most. Dairying gives the farmer an opportunity to use his time regularly throughout the year. Members of his family also find work adapted to their age and strength.
 The grain farmer crowds his work into a few months and requires a large amount of help for a few days or weeks only; and he finds this help almost impossible to secure, since he has no work to offer for the remainder of the year. He has little reason to complain if an abundance of extra labor is not at hand for the short period he is willing to utilize it. Labor on the dairy farm is distributed throughout the year, and arrangements may be made accordingly.


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