Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Origin of Breeds

 A breed is a recognized further well-defined subdivision of a type or species. The number of breeds and sub-breeds of cattle is great. On the continent of Europe alone between forty and fifty distinct breeds are described by German and French writers. Great Britain is the home of eleven breeds, which have been imported to the United States, and in addition to this as many more minor breeds are described by English writers as of local importance.
 With few exceptions these numerous breeds have been long established and historical records are not available to indicate their definite origin. One exceedingly important factor, however, was the ancestry of the breed as between the two forms of wild cattle from which our present domesticated forms are descended. This difference in origin is presumably the greatest factor in causing the wide differences between the Holstein and the Jersey breeds — these two representing better than other common breeds the two lines of descent from the original wild forms.


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