Thursday, March 4, 2010

Importance of dairy farming

Milk, with its products, serves as one of the most important sources of food for all civilized nations. The more highly developed and prosperous the people, the greater the amount of milk and dairy products they consume.

It has been pointed out that the native races of Africa, America and Australia, which have never developed beyond the stage of barbarism, do not use milk as a food. The primitive races of Europe and western Asia made use of milk, as their descendants have done, and this fact may be a reason for the great intellectual development of Europe and America.

At least one authority in presenting the results of his investigations in human nutrition, which have changed the viewpoint of the entire civilized world on the subject, remarked: "The keeping of dairy animals was the greatest factor in the history of the development of man from a state of barbarism."

A large part of the best and highest priced agricultural lands of the world are utilized for the keeping of dairy cattle. It is a well-known  fact that the most prosperous nations, as well as the best developed physically and mentally, are those in which the dairy cow has long been the foundation of agriculture.


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